J.M. van de Sandt B.V.
J.M. van de Sandt B.V.

Since 1931 van de Sandt has been representing companies growing, producing and shipping nuts, fruits, vegetables and oils from all over the world. Van de Sandt actively tries to connect their suppliers with the right customers. Our knowledge, transparency, service, and dedication make us a perfect representative for your company in the European market.


Connect the right supply with the right demand at the right time.

Key Values

Knowledge, transparency, quality, service, dedication and honesty.

The way we work

1. We receive market information, offers, documentation from our suppliers. We give market information, bids and documentation to our suppliers.

2. We receive market information, bids, documentation from our customer. We give market information, offers and documentation to our customer.

3. Goods are shipped directly from our supplier to our buyer. Van de Sandt does not take property of the goods in any way.

4. Payment is made directly from the buyer to the supplier. Van de Sandt does not take property of the money in any way.